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EBNFLŌH – Mission

Ebnflōh Dance Company was founded in 2015 by dancer and choreographer Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé from Montreal. Her mission is to create, produce, and present engaging, authentic, and original work. By putting forth a novel choreographic language that is deeply rooted in the spirit of Hip-Hop, the company presents its creations throughout Québec, Canada, and abroad.

EBNFLŌH – Vision

  • Ebnflōh aims artistic excellence and originality. Its outlook is based around innovative concepts requiring a deep-seated for artistic expression via dance aesthetics.
  • All while creating, producing, and presenting works and events, Ebnflōh seeks to inspire and influence the Montreal urban dance scene with its diversity and dynamic artistry here in Canada, and around the globe.
  • Ebnflōh offers great opportunities for learning and internships to street dancers, doing all it can to earn the recognition this artform and its practitioners so richly deserve.
  • At the very heart of its vision is a commitment to community, exchanging, and communication. Ebnflōh is behind building an immersive framework allowing emerging artists the space and vehicles within which to grow. It encourages dancers to share in their explorations of the creative process by laying down strong collaborative links between artist and creation via the various media of dance, music, theatre, film, video and the visual arts.
  • Ebnflōh conceives of activities ensuring that its vision be known to different audiences—workshops, seminars, panel discussions, master classes, and press conferences. The company seeks to connect with all generations and individuals within the culture of Hip-Hop by spreading the message and giving the medium more authentic exposure. It also aims to gain better recognition for street dance through the media, and the Arts milieu.

EBNFLŌH – Values


Through the union of choreographic language and the subtleties of Hip-Hop culture, in all its range— this artistic movement was born, in the Bronx, out of a resilient spirit of protest and resistance. The very soul of Hip-Hop sprang from these roots.


At the company’s core, lies the human spirit: an acknowledgement of otherness; of our limitations; valuing individual contributions; and showing gratitude to our muses, and to all those who raised to standard.

Openness & Sharing

By bringing together these diverse elements, the primacy of the human experience, replete with its interconnections, enjoins a more solid foundation instilling greater confidence in collaborations between all artistic partnerships.

EBNFLŌH – Artistic Approach

The Ebnflōh Dance Company, founded in 2015 by Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé, offers a unique choreographic language and artistic vision. She promotes creative exploration by broadening the field of research for street dance in Canada while remining true and faithful to the base of Hip-Hop’s origins. Her artistic signature, her community involvement, and her contribution to the growth and development of dancers and the discipline itself, make the company an acclaimed actor in the dance milieu in Quebec.

Ebnflōh (pronounced Ebenflo) comes from the English expression “to ebb and flow” denoting action and reaction, rising and falling, the constant and everchanging movement of the tides. As with waves lapping up and receding, the company’s choreographic language is steeped in its fluidity of movement. With meticulous precision and laying bare the multifarious details and nuances found in its choreography since 2008, these densely layered works possess an informed commentary. Spicey’s singularly insightful outlook sharply contrasts with what most of us usually dismiss as being trite, and superficial. With theatre and cinema as influences, among other intersecting disciplines in the arts, music holds a special place for her.

Ebnflōh’s chief goal is to spread its artistic endeavors through the Montreal contemporary dance scene but, also promote street dancers in other Canadian cities, and beyond. Inclusive at the core, it equally values the practices of emerging talent along with those of the culturally diverse. The company hopes to make street dance more accessible, and to generate greater interest from a growing audience. Its diversified public is a testament to the company’s success. Lastly, although street dance is not seriously taught in academia, the transmission of Hip-Hop language to future generations of dancers remains a focal point and a total commitment to the form. Although the proliferation of contemporary street dance companies is a recent phenomenon in Canada, Ebnflōh remains fundamentally committed to creating dynamic, and uncompromised original work.

“Spicey’s work is Hip-Hop in real-time; stretched out, unprocessed and raw. It is where the spectator must step outside his comfort zone, inside a space that stretches and transforms light-speed into time-lapses. A place where he must become the witness and take in the whole, no longer removed from uncomfortable things and feelings. The voyeur's story ends; no more peeking through the tiny and deformed keyholes portrayed by mass media. The door swings inward; the shadowy figures dissolve, no more distortion of our culture. The spectator becomes the observer and the observed inside the ward where time stands still, yet still, "they" rise.”
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