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La Probabilité du Néant

Creation, 2021, 60 minutes

La Probabilité du Néant, World Premiere, from October 5 to 9, at Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts, presented by Danse Danse.

More than ever, La Probabilité du Néant is a tribute to our will to unite, in the power of what brings us together and the curiosity of what sets us apart.

For its first appearance with Danse Danse, Ebnflōh, choreographer Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé’s company, will present the world premiere of its most ambitious show to date: La Probabilité du Néant (“The Probability of Nothingness”), created with input from eight virtuoso street dancers—Banks, ‘Bibiman’, ‘Jigsaw’, ‘Kiddi’, ‘Kosi’, ‘Tealeaf’, ‘Hurricane Tina’ and ‘Rawss’.

Will indifference to the Other get the better of us? How can we make sense of our actions when we witness extreme situations that drive us to the edge of nothingness? Continuing her exploration of the human psyche, Spicey grounds the genesis of this work in the “bystander effect”. Is the witness an observer or an accomplice? Spicey blurs the lines and perspectives depending on who is watching. Seated on stage, the audience is surrounded by projection screens. Spicey has always been influenced by film and theatre, but this is the first time she has used video in her choreography.

With its incisive dance, La Probabilité du Néant challenges our perceptions, our judgments, and the consequences of our choices. In the strange possibility of our own self-destruction, it also reminds us of our luminous capacity for resistance and resilience.


A production of Ebnflōh
Artistic director and choreographer:
Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé


  • Nindy Banks
  • Ja James ‘Jigsaw’ Britton Johnson
  • Jaleesa ‘Tealeaf’ Coligny
  • Kosisochukwu ‘Kosi’ Eze
  • James-Lee ‘Kiddy’ Joseph
  • Christina ‘Hurricane Tina’ Paquette
  • Alexandre ‘Bibiman’ Philippe-Beaudoin
  • Elie-Anne ‘Rawss’ Ross

Dancers who participated in the creation process:

  • Junior ’DJüngle’ Dorsaint
  • Mukoma-K ‘JStyle’ Nshinga

Rehearsal director and coach: Frédérique ‘Pax’ Dumas
Composer and sound designer: Richard ‘Shash’U’ St-Aubin
‘Trapped’: a song composed and performed by Vladimir ‘7Starr’ Laurore, produced by Richard ‘Shash’U’ St-Aubin
Set Designers: Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé and Leticia Hamaoui
Costumes: Polina Boltova and Frédérique ‘Pax’ Dumas
Lighting: Leticia Hamaoui
Artistic adviser: Helen Simard
Dramaturgy: Mathieu Leroux
Video director: Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé
Video assistant and director of photography: Frédérique ‘Pax’ Dumas
Camera, editing and colourization: Ja James ‘Jigsaw’ Britton
Artists in the video: Vladimir ‘7Starr’ Laurore, Richard ‘Shash’U’ St-Aubin
Video adviser: Marlene Millar
Acting coach: Étienne Lou
Outside Eye: Frédérique ‘Pax’ Dumas, Natasha ‘Tash’ Jean-Bart et Jean-Edouard ‘Sangwn’ Pierre-Toussaint
Technical director: Patrick Belisle
Production manager: Alice Renucci

Press release:


  • Danse Danse (MAC and Cinquième Salle)
  • CCOV – Centre de Création O Vertigo
  • Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique
  • Agora de la danse
  • Danse à la Carte chez Par B.L.eux
  • Zab Maboungou/compagnie danse Nyata-Nyata
  • Mandoline Hybride-Salon58

Financial support:

  • Conseil des arts du Canada
  • Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
  • Conseil des arts de Montréal


La Probabilité du Néant - Creation process - video by par Jules Nerestant
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