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EBNFLŌH Dance Company

How far will we go to overcome our physical and moral limits in order to satisfy our pride, kill our opponent’s hope and be The ONE? 

This adrenaline fuelled by our desire to WIN – viscerally and powerfully moving our bodies and hearts, in the hope of a HAPPY END.

D-EDGE reflects the furious setbacks of human competition in the hopes of making it to paradise…


Co-Choreographers and Artistic directors: 

  • Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé
  • Stéphanie Decourteille


  • Valérie ‘ Taminator’ Chartier
  • Handy ‘Monsta Pop’ Yacynthe

This show was created for Eclectik presented by the M.A.I. (Montreal, intercultural arts) in 2009.

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