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Creation, 2019 from the EBNFLŌH Dance Company

In-Ward is a choreographic work by Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé and Ebnflōh Dance Company, and produced with the support of CCOV-Centre de creation O Vertigo.  In-Ward plunges us into the deep waters of the human psyche depicting the overlapping of feelings, and the subtle contradictions of the unconscious—both individual and collective—while faced with forced confinement, sharing same spaces, and isolation.  The choreographer delves into the layers of our social fabric attempting to make sense of these ambiguous contradictions with which we must come to grips further pushing her artistic aspirations by building bridges between Hip-Hop culture and contemporary dance.

The oft heard quote, “Hell is other people.”, culled from ‘No Exit’ (a play from existential philosopher/author Jean-Paul Sartre) ignited the creative process wherefrom the choreographer and six dancers plumb the complex depths of human relations, and the deep ambivalence toward their relative coexistence.  Forced to live together in a limited space, forming perhaps unlikely alliances, these individuals and their bodies must reconcile temptations to be alone with a threat of real conflict. With raw and sharp physicality, Alexandra subtly combines dramatic tension, and dark humour in dealing with obvious situational absurdities that grapple with the forces of hope.  By 20th century standards in existential thought, human beings define themselves by action and non-action.  Sartre deals with the whole question by emphasizing our personal relations with the other: intersubjectivity. In-Ward explores the concepts of difference; the double conscience; the collective; and most of all intersubjectivity. Are we able to perceive and understand the other’s experience without the biases of our own subjective experience?

For In-Ward, Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé has assembled an artistic team comprised of 6 highly skilled dancers, along with choreographers Anne Plamondon and Helen Simard as artistic advisors, as well as renowned Hip-Hop beat maker and producer, Shash’U, involved from the very start as sound designer (

Total running time: 60 minutes.

World premiere at the MAI (Montreal, arts interculturels)
From the 16th-20th, January 2019.
Presented for a second time at Agora de la Danse from March 11th to 13th 2020


Choreographer: Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé

Rehearsal Director: Frédérique ‘Pax’ Dumas

Dancers: 6 – With dancers’ collaboration:

  • Ja James ‘Jigsaw’ Britton Johnson
  • Christina ‘Hurricane Tina’ Paquette
  • Nindy ‘Banks’ Pierre-Louis
  • Elie-Anne ‘Rawss’ Ross
  • Mukoma-K ‘JStyle’ Nshinga
  • Jaleesa ‘Tealeaf’ Coligny

Mumble: Ja James ‘Jigsaw’ Britton Johnson

Beat Maker and Sound Design: Richard ‘Shash’U St-Aubin

Lighting Design & Technical Directors: Benoit Larivière & Leticia Hamaoui

Artistic Advisors: Anne Plamondon & Helen Simard

‘Outside Eyes’: Frédérique ‘Pax’ Dumas & Mathieu Leroux (Special thanks to Danse à la Carte for their support)

Co-production : CCOV- Centre de création O Vertigo.

Residencies :

  • CCOV- Centre de création O Vertigo
  • Danse Danse
  • Agora de la danse
  • MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels
  • Banff Center for Arts and Creativity
  • Compagnie de danse Nyata Nyata
  • Danse à la carte
  • Tyler Anne Dance School.

Partners :

  • Canada Arts Council
  • Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
  • Conseil des arts de Montréal


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