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B-SIDE #1 2019

Research and development laboratory for street dancers + presentation.
First edition from December 9th to the 15th at the CCOV.

‘B-Side’, in Hip-Hop terms, refers to the backside of a vinyl record. Many have found lost gems, as well as duds! B-SIDE is an experimental lab research for street dancers as well as an informal evening presented by Ebnflōh Dance Company. We will select 8 artists for this first edition to explore an embryonic idea in studio before showing it to a live audience on December 15th. Ebnflōh will allow free reign as to choices and artistic orientations.

Ebnfloh allows its creators full artistic freedom (companies, collectives, and individual voices) to choose any direction, or theme for their proposals. Mentors will be on hand to give advice and orientation to artists. Proposals must stand out in their originality, and artists must demonstrate an aesthetic maturity. At this level, they are to show the quality and quantity of work put into their efforts.

With B-SIDE, Ebnfloh provides a solid platform for the street dance community. Functioning as a strong contributor by culturally backing greater research initiatives stimulated by diverse exchanges ever evolving the medium, it continues to inspire choreography here in Quebec.

B-Side # 1 - Dates

From December 9th to the 15th 2019 at the CCOV–Centre de création O’Vertigo

LAB RESEARCH – December 9th to 14th.

PRESENTATION – open to the public (limited space) – informal presentation by the artists – Sunday, December 15th at 5:00pm.

Partner: CCOV– Centre de création O’Vertigo.

Thanks to all of our 2019 B-Side artists: Valerie ‘Taminator’ Chartier, Walid ‘Waldo’ Hammani, Mecdy Jean-Pierre, Marie-Reine ‘MQueen’ Kabasha, Yannice ‘Vilain’ Ouellet, David ‘Bboy Laos’ Phiphak, Dominique Sophie, Handy ‘Hya’ Yacinthe.

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